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Technical management

We are technology fans

In order to obtain the maximum added value from the installed plants at all levels, intensive technical and commercial management is required. Our competent technical management is a decisive factor in the high performance of your wind or solar farm.

Our technicians are experienced specialists and feel just as comfortable high up on the nacelle of a wind turbine as they do in the control room at the office. The office is where we monitor the farm performance and evaluate the data. We handle the statutory operator tasks for plant safety and regularly check to ensure smooth technical operation. Thanks to its modular structure, our comprehensive range of services can be individually adapted to any need, so that we can put together your personal technical management package. We ensure the profitable operation of your farms.

At eeNord you will find all the key contacts in one location!

A selection of our service modules in the operational area:

  • Online remote monitoring of the wind turbine
  • Complete reporting with monthly data preparation
  • Archiving raw data
  • Deadline management
  • “EISMAN” Calculation of income losses in the event of service outages
  • Assumption of the statutory operator tasks to comply with occupational safety
  • Plant maintenance and organization of repairs
  • Condition monitoring of the wind turbine plant by our own authorized experts
  • Plant inspection with expert opinion from our own authorized experts
  • Monitoring of technical and energetic availability
  • Monitoring of energy park regulations
  • Monitoring and implementation of the approval requirements

Our expertise at a glance:

  • Deutsche Sachverständigen Gesellschaft mbH - DESAG [German Authorized Expert Society]
  • Berufsfachverband für das Sachverständigen- und Gutachterwesen e.V. - BSG [Professional Association for Authorized Experts and Expert Opinions]
  • Bundesverband für Sachverständige aller Branchen e.V. – BDSH [Federal Association for Authorized Experts in all Industries]
  • Works Managers’ Advisory Board of the Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. [Federal Association of Wind Energy]
  • Participation in the TR10 working group for determining the quality of the location after commissioning


Our technician at work:

DESAG Authorized expert


Certified expert, BDSH e.V.

Logo BDSH e.V.

We are technicians - we are eeNord!

Sören Friedrichsen
Technical Management

(+49) 04668/9599-22

Sören Lehnert
State Cert. Technician, Technical Management

(+49) 04668/9599-22