We are team players

We send just the right team onto the field for our customers who can optimally implement the respective project – in a committed, competent, and transparent fashion.

At eeNord you will find all the key contacts in one location!

Hans-Detlef Feddersen
Managing Director

(+49) 04668/9599-0

Arne Möbest
Dipl.-Ing. [Grad. Engineer], Managing Director

(+49) 04668/9599-0

Annette Hansen
Management Assistant

(+49) 04668/9599-18

Nils Kühlmann
Banking Administrator, Sales Manager and Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-17

Karina Ingwersen
Master of Arts,
Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-23

Oke Kinsky
Dipl.-Kfm [MBA], Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-272

Nils Jensen
Business Engineer,
Master of Engineering,
Project Management and Project Development

(+49) 04668/9599-25

Michael Sönnichsen
Banking Administrator
Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-275

Jonathan Eberlein
Master of Resource Management, Project Development

(+49) 04668/9599-13

Heiner Techow
Bachelor of Engineering, Project Development

(+49) 04668/9599-271

Sören Friedrichsen
Technical Management

(+49) 04668/9599-22

Sören Lehnert
State Cert. Technician, Technical Management

(+49) 04668/9599-22

Marc-Bono Treinat
Banking Administrator, Commercial Management, Controlling

(+49) 04668/9599-26

Marie-Luise Steensen
Industrial Clerk, Commercial Management,

(+49) 04668/9599-21

Karin Carstensen
Shareholder Support

(+49) 04668/9599-20

Hans-Detlef Hedde
Business Management, Controlling

(+49) 04668/9599-11

Adriane Petersen
Business Management, Controlling

(+49) 04668/9599-0

Tim Nicolaisen
IT Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-270

Manav Chopra
Master of Computer Science,
Software Project Manager

(+49) 04668/9599-274

Gesa Feddersen
Accounting Department

(+49) 04668/9599-19

Birte Hansen
Corporate Communication, Data Protection

currently on parental leave