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Special topics

All about your project

Is your energy park online already and regularly generating profits? Do new issues that you have to deal with nevertheless keep popping up? Do you lack the time and experience to ensure a successful future for your project yourself? Our well-coordinated team of project developers, business economists, and technicians is familiar with all the project ins and outs. We accompany you confidently and competently through the complex everyday life of a power generator.

At eeNord you will find all the key contacts in one location!

A selection of the special topics that may be of interest to you currently:

  • Continued operation after EEG funding runs out
  • Need-controlled nighttime identification
  • Nature and species conservation
  • Sound problems with wind turbines
  • Photovoltaics
  • Power-to-heat concept

Our involvement:

  • Member of the Nature Conservation Working Group of the Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. [Federal Association of Wind Energy]
  • Ongoing training of our employees on current topics

We are specialists - we are eeNord!

Sales management, expertise in sound issues

Nils Kühlmann
Banking Administrator, Sales Manager and Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-17

Expertise on continued operation & repowering

Karina Ingwersen
Master of Arts,
Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-23

Expertise in photovoltaic project planning

Oke Kinsky
Dipl.-Kfm [MBA], Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-272

Expertise power-to-heat project planning

Nils Jensen
Business Engineer,
Master of Engineering,
Project Management and Project Development

(+49) 04668/9599-25

Expertise in nature and species conservation

Jonathan Eberlein
Master of Resource Management, Project Development

(+49) 04668/9599-13