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Project partnerships

We say “Moin!”

We aren’t suits—we’re North Frisians. We speak both Low and High German. And we say “Moin!”

Are you looking for independent investors to get your individual project going? We take on responsibility and handle all the details. Our commitment is multifaceted and can be adjusted accordingly. If you’d like, we’ll lease your space and assume the risks associated with planning. In order to ensure that the added value from the plants remains in your region, we offer you the opportunity to participate as a shareholder with your own capital over the course of the project. On the one hand, you benefit from annual rental income and on the other, you also receive regular profit distributions as a co-shareholder.

At eeNord you will find all the key contacts in one location!

Project partnership with eeNord:

  • Project analysis and risk assessment
  • Founding project companies
  • Provision of venture capital
  • Integration of legal and tax expertise
  • Submission of lease contracts for location and rotor rights
  • Opportunity to participate and a say

We talk things through - we are eeNord!

Hans-Detlef Feddersen
Managing Director

(+49) 04668/9599-0

Arne Möbest
Dipl.-Ing. [Grad. Engineer], Managing Director

(+49) 04668/9599-0

Nils Kühlmann
Banking Administrator, Sales Manager and Project Management

(+49) 04668/9599-17